Dirk Arthur is a world famous  magician with one of the longest and most successful careers in the history of magic. A much loved Las Vegas headliner, his spectacular large-scale illusion show features the rarest and most majestic exotic animals ever seen on any stage!

An advocate for the humane care of animals, his show features education and conservation messages and is designed to entertain audiences of all ages.

By creating his own original illusions, his show is different than other magicians. Dirk was the first magician  to make a real 26ft long helicopter appear out of nowhere, to levitate a Lamborghini and cause a 45 ton Amtrak Locomotive to materialize onstage!



Who is Dirk Arthur?

Dirk Arthur has been performing around the world thrilling audiences with his illusions for more than 30 years. He is recognized as the first magician in history to make a helicopter appear as well as other brand new, ground-breaking original illusions and magic.

His national television appearances include headlining NBC’s “World Greatest Magic” series, performing with tigers on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and starring in his own widely acclaimed special “Big Cat Magic” on Animal Planet.

How many big cats are in Dirk’s show?

In DIRK ARTHUR WILD MAGIC, audiences will get up close and personal with six to nine different big cats, birds, a duck and even a chicken!

Where do his cats live?

Dirk has a beautiful, lush, spacious habitat at his home where his cats live including several tigers, snow leopards, and his bobcat. They receive the best care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have their own attending veterinarian !

That is a lot of big cats! What do they eat?

They love to eat chicken, steak and an assortment of other meats. They also get plenty of vitamins, minerals and calcium and drink a lot of fresh water! Sunday dinners consist of filet mignon, a baked potato with all the fixings, a non-alcoholic beer.… ok maybe the last two are just for Dirk!

Dirk must really love his cats! Is he involved in any conservation efforts?

Dirk has long been a leading advocate for the preservation of endangered species and for the humane and proper care of all animals. During the show, audiences will experience his love for his animals as they are treated with the utmost respect and gentleness.

Arthur uses his platform to raise funds for various animal care and conservation programs. In fact, a portion of merchandise sales are donated to organizations that promote awareness and education regarding the importance of wildlife preservation.

Dirk also works with many animal sanctuaries and zoos where he has retired some of his tigers who go on to live out their days in beautiful lush tropical lands but also where people can witness their beauty and learn more about the species. Dirk is a strong proponent and enthusiastically supports the great work of the government agencies that regulate his activities such as USDA-APHIS, USFWS, and NDOW.

Have any of his tigers ever mated?

YES! You could say that Dirk is a very proud grandpa! He cannot stress enough the importance of exotic breeding and keeping the various species from becoming completely extinct. Over the years, Dirk has had many tigers and African leopards born and plans to eventually breed the rare snow leopards.

How are they trained?

Dirk believes in the gentlest techniques and spends a lot of time working with each cat using verbal cues and body language. For the most part, he has raised them from babies so they already have a strong bond and trust. Of course, a nice piece of steak as a reward for a job well done doesn’t hurt either!

What is the story about animal rights complaints?

You may hear about PETA and animal activists groups issuing statements about performing animals.

Dirk understands that some may disagree with animals being in a show. However the cats have so much fun doing the show, plus it’s very healthy for them to be mentally and physically active so its actually for the best.

Educating people and increasing their awareness and love to preserve animals as well as adding to the numbers of surviving endangered species can’t hurt either! 

Dirk is in excellent standing with Clark County (Las Vegas), Nevada where he sat on an expert advisory panel to help suggest and create new safety regulations and humane animal laws.

Dirk was instrumental in assisting in the safe relocation of CJ the chimp after the chimp escaped from its owner’s home in North Las Vegas.

Dirk assisted Animal Control and was able to provide temporary housing, a loving environment, food, water and veterinary care for the chimp before she was transferred to a sanctuary out of state.

He’s also been known to rescue exotic cats from unsafe environments and provide them lifelong homes.

Dirk is a proud member of the Zoological Association of America, (ZAA).



The tiger is the largest species of the cat family and can weigh up to 650 lbs. The white tiger is simply a Bengal tiger with rare white fur, created by a recessive gene. White tigers at one time were seen frequently in the wild including, on rare occasions, pure white cats.

Snow Leopards are found in the rugged mountains of Central Asia. They are secretive and elusive and not known to be aggressive towards humans. In cold weather they wrap their luxurious 4″ (10 cm) thick tail around their face as a scarf while sleeping.

The bobcat is indigenous to Nevada, and is occasionally seen in the mountains near Las Vegas. They get their name from their short 6″ (15.24 cm) to 7″ (17.75 cm) tail.

The African Lion is the second largest of the great cats, second in size only to the Siberian Tiger. Lions are the only big cats that live in faily groups, known as “prides.”


Dirk Arthur has long been an advocate for the humane care of all animals and their preservation. 

Portions of proceeds for this show go to education and to the preservation of animals in the wild.

The show animals lead healthy and happy lives, are under strict expert veterinary care and monitored at all times by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in order to legally possess and exhibit endangered animals in the United States and abroad, numerous permits and licenses from multiple agencies are required. Only experts and highly qualified persons are permitted.

Dirks cats reside in a lush green habitat where they can relax in their pools, play with their toys and roll around on the grass. They love going to the show just as your pet dog gets silly, happy and excited to go to the park!

It’s all about having fun for them, and they love to hide and pop out of nowhere in their illusions, just like big overgrown playful house cats!






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